There are many collections of popular session tunes in books and on internet websites. Here's a selection of people playing them on YouTube. Why not join in the videos as if you were in a session. The tunes are in no particular order, but all are played in either G or D or a mixture.

Jenny Lind Polka - played by the Boat Band A part in D / B part in G


Speed the Plough / Princess Royal / Soldier's Joy on D/G box


Three Around Three (A part starts at 0.11) - played in G

Curly-Headed Ploughboy - A part in D / B part in G


Galopede - played by Anahata in G on D/G box

(Oh Dem) Golden Slippers
- played by Gavin Atkin in G

Country Gardens
- played in G


Davy Knick Knack - played in G


Old Joe the Boat is Going Over - played by Gavin Atkin in D


Walter Bulwer's Polka No 1 - played by Gavin Atkin A part in G / B part in D

Oyster Girl - played in G

Uncle Bernard's Polka - played in G


Grandfather's Tune - played by Lester Bailey in D


Jimmy / Jamie Allen - played in G


Haste to the Wedding - played by Anahata in D


The Blue-eyed Stranger, Getting Upstairs and Princess Royal - played by Mark Insley & Jon Doran - in G


Brighton Camp - played in G


Buffalo Girls and Salmon Tails - played in G

The Weaver's March - played in D


The Sloe - played by Anahata in D


Winster Gallop - played in G