Minutes of Suffolk Folk AGM 2018


Minutes of AGM held on

Tuesday 19th June 2018


  1. Present: Simon Haines, Val Haines, Jill Parson, Sue Lawrence, Dave Evans, Mike Rudge, Mike Lawrence, Gill Brett
  2. Apologies: Mary Dickinson, Andy Moss, Bill Johnson, Alan Bearman
  3. Minutes of meeting 18/9/17: Proposed MR, seconded SH
  4. Matters Arising: None
  5. Report of the current officers: JP read a final statement. MR reported Bank balance stands at £5245.49. No other reports.
  6. Voting was unanimous to transfer funds from Suffolk Folk to mardles.org to carry on the funding of the website, education, projects and events.
  7. Proposal from the committee that Suffolk Folk be wound up was voted 6-2 in favour and therefore carried.


Statement from Jill Parsons Chair of Suffolk Folk to June 2018


Following the 2017 AGM, I am pleased to report that most of the plans outlined in the minutes have been carried through and it was with a mixture of sadness and relief that the final edition of the printed Mardles magazine was posted to the membership on 24th October, 2017.

Our finances remain static and healthy now that all expenses associated with the production of the magazine have ceased.

Since then most of the SF committees attention has been focused on an orderly transition to mardles.org and I can record that we achieved everything we set out to do within the agreed timescale.

The new website was embryonic but up and running by the beginning of January and is beginning to be appreciated by those who know about it and then remember to look it up.

Minutes of subsequent SF meetings record detailed discussions about format, finance, constitutions, insurance and all the other wonderful things that have to be considered when setting up a new organisation. New Data Protection Laws had to be taken into account linking to the need and best means of contacting the current SF database.

An archive dating from 1983 has been retrieved from John Helliwell and if anyone has any opinions, suggestions as to what should happen to this (back copies of Mardles, minutes of meetings) I would be very pleased to hear them.

The committee agreed to fund the 2018 Suffolk Folk Day of Country Dance at Carlton and £450 has been set aside for this purpose.

Committee also agreed to donate £1000 to mardles.org to cover any initial costs of setting up the website.

Everyone on the current SF committee has been attending mardles.org ‘technical’ meetings in Mendlesham where we have been joined by John Heaser, his computer and Peter Rushmer.  We were sorry that Julie Gittoes decided to resign from the post of ‘Folk in the Community/Education’ but thanks her for volunteering in the first instance.

The mardles .org steering group is set to meet once or twice a year but keeps in close contact with Skype conference calls and email.

The SF membership were contacted by post to keep them informed of all the latest developments and have been encouraged to subscribe to the mardles.org website. So far around 150 people have done this out of a total of around 200 names on the database.

This concludes my report.

Jill Parson



Final words

It only remains to thank the other members of all committees, past and present, for the hard work they have put into establishing SF as a highly respected part of the E. Anglian Folk Scene.

Whilst I am sad that it’s closure is happening under my stewardship I am proud that actually ‘the end’ has only become a change of name and format. SF has always been about Mardles and the spirit and ethos lives on in mardles.org.

So it is not ‘the end’ at all. It is a move into the 21st Century that should continue for many years to come and it feels good to be part of it.

Over the coming months and using the archive as a reference, I plan to research and produce a history of SF for the website.

Anyone with any memories/anecdotes of people, events, meetings and the like are more than welcome to contribute to this important project….just Google mardles.org to find my details – SF will always be present on the site and that’s where you will find me.

June 2018

Suffolk Folk AGM Agenda



Tuesday June 19th

To be held at

Old School Rooms,
2 Old Market Street, Mendlesham


At 8.00 pm

  1. Present

  2. Apologies

  3. Minutes of the last AGM

  4. Matters Arising

  5. Reports of the current officers

  6. Proposal from the Committee that funds to be transferred to mardles.org to carry on the funding of education and projects.

  7. Proposal from the Committee that Suffolk Folk be wound up.

What Suffolk Folk does

Suffolk Folk is a non-profit making organisation promoting traditional song, music and dance in Suffolk and contiguous counties.

We support all sorts of projects ranging from placing folk artists in schools to running individual workshops in music, dance and story-telling for all ages and all abilities. 

If the criteria are right, we can provide financial support as well as giving practical advice about sourcing materials and recommending experienced and talented tutors and musicians to make your event a success.

We welcome enquiries! 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Looking to the Future

The following article appeared in the Nov 2017 edition of Mardles

In this final edition of the Mardles magazine the committee of Suffolk Folk would like to take the opportunity to explain our position and reassure the membership about to the future of Suffolk Folk and it's relationship to Mardles.org.

Nothing is changing!

Although the magazine itself is moving to a web-based format it is still under the direction of the Suffolk Folk committee that was elected at the AGM in June 2017 and, so far as we are concerned, anybody who paid a subscription for that year will remain on the database as a member of Suffolk Folk until the AGM 2018 is convened and the situation can be discussed further.

Read more: Looking to the Future

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