Sue Thompson's Suffolk books

Harmonicas Round my Hat (2017) / Come in at Random in any Key you like (2018) by Sue Thompson

Review by Simon Haines

Local Suffolk author Sue Thompson has written and published two books about her life in Suffolk since she and her husband Pete moved into our area from Southend in 2013. In addition to general observations about life in Suffolk, Sue frequently focuses endearingly on the local amateur folk scene that many of us know and love.

Harmonicas Round my Hat documents Sue and her husband’s life in Hollesley. The first few chapters include jolly subjects such as making friends, getting involved in local arts and crafts, the Campsey Ashe auction rooms, playing pétanque (aka boules), music nights at the Sorrel Horse, Shottisham and The Blaxall Ship. Then half-way through the book, we are brought back down to earth when Sue recounts the 38-day-period starting with her husband’s cardiac arrest and ending with his eventual recovery. Thank goodness, their lives returned to normal and Sue and Pete continue to enjoy their life in Suffolk.

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